Winter is coming – Is your organisation prepared for real change?

Fans of Game of Thrones are all aware of the various noble families currently fighting and squabbling over who sits on the Iron Throne, and the battle to rule over the 7 kingdoms. What none of those embattled leaders realise is that there is a greater threat to their existence coming from the army of … Continue reading “Winter is coming – Is your organisation prepared for real change?”

Character eats personality for brunch!

The development industry has forever been obsessed by its nomothetic approach to personality development – that is, trying to produce general laws which apply to all people. This ‘scientific’ approach has enabled the growth in popularity of reductive tools, designed to help us understand and ‘get’ other people. At the other side of the scale … Continue reading “Character eats personality for brunch!”

Leadership and positive messages

There are three great myths about leadership; 1 The ‘hero’ ‘macho’ leader saves the day. History shows us that when it is all about one person, the results are usually disastrous. Leadership is not about one person shining, but what they do for other people. It is not about you. 2 There is finite list … Continue reading “Leadership and positive messages”

To succeed as a manager you need to encourage failure

When Shizuka Arakawa won the figure skating gold medal in the 2006 Olympic Games, her error free performance marked an achievement beyond the purely personal. The second oldest women to win a figure skating gold medal, she was also the first Asian women to do so. And she quite literally put something behind her on … Continue reading “To succeed as a manager you need to encourage failure”

Creating innovation: be the leader they want and need you to be

[This blog post first appeared in the blog of the World of Learning Conference and Exhibition 2016: further details of this event appear at the end of this posting.] Audiences for leadership advice and guidance have a surprising appetite for simplicity. Despite ample evidence that workplaces, organisations and even that near meaningless phrase, ‘life in … Continue reading “Creating innovation: be the leader they want and need you to be”

Hidden costs of the people dimension in M&A

[fusion_text] [An edited version of this article appeared in the June 2016 edition of Training Journal] It’s boom time again for Mergers and Acquisitions. 2015 set a new record for global M&A activity, according to MergerMarket’s Global and Regional M&A: 2015 report, with a total value of $4.3 trillion, a 30% increase over 2014. Activity … Continue reading “Hidden costs of the people dimension in M&A”

Leadership crises: a problem of performance or of expectations?

[fusion_text] Our newspapers, TV news channels and social media regularly highlight the plight of leadership facing difficult challenges, or of organisations facing what is almost always characterised as a ‘leadership crisis’. Depending when you read this article, you will no doubt think of several examples, but we are thinking of one case in particular: the circumstances … Continue reading “Leadership crises: a problem of performance or of expectations?”