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HR + IT = HRT: Algebra or Alchemy?

HR Magazine has been running an HR Technology series of special articles, of which the first – David Woods’ Should HR and IT be friends? – caught my eye, not least as the title was couched as a question (thereby quite firmly implying that these operational functions are either distant acquaintances or at daggers drawn). I had a vision of the organisation remodelled along the lines of the Big Brother house, with IT sulking in the smoking area and complaining that no-one understands them while HR lurks in the kitchen, asking everyone else why IT is so off-hand with them.

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The Great Smell of Brute?

The charisma thing has, it seems, raised its perfectly groomed head once more. The always readable Mervyn Dinnen blogged in response to a Guardian article by Jonathan Freedland, both exploring the apparent gap between the type of leaders we elect or support, and the kind of leaders we might choose if perhaps we put a bit more thought into the process. As is customary in contemporary business blogging circles, lines from a song were quoted. I think this is primarily an attribute of the demographic profile of bloggers, and can only plead guilty. And as songs go, Paul Weller’s Going Underground has retained the lyrical and emotive power it originally had around the time I heard being blasted live from the back of flat-bed trucks at various protests and marches in the early 1980s. Personally, however, I might have chosen a line a few bars further into the song that strikes me as both truer and considerably more cynical: “The public wants what the public gets”.

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Fresh Crackers (29)

There’s a great big web out there, and it will always turn up a few nuggets. (For a full list of those we’ve liked over the years, visit our Crackers page.) To kick off 2011, here are two posts on different aspects of discipline – one of managing yourself, and one of knowing what to manage when you’ve cracked the first one. Be aware of a plot twist in what follows.

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