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Everything starts with an ‘e’. Except learning or outcome.

One of the rumours strongly indicates a major change to learning and development across Government departments, suggesting that an overwhelming majority of this will in future be delivered through e-learning. We’re not Luddites: we were delivering major programmes of web-based learning in 1998 (and took the trouble to include features such as hurdled assessments and online views of individual and cohort progress and analysis for tutors), and we make extensive use of webinars, multimedia and many other offspring from the ‘new media’ family in our current blended learning programmes. But we can’t help but be concerned that they are tendencies at play that are either knee-jerk reactions (‘the vendors tell us this is cheaper’ and ‘technology does stuff without so many people, who cost money’) or magpie impersonations (‘look everyone, hi tech!’). Technology has achieved an impressive roll-call of miracles, but Monty Python’s skewering of the hospital administrator enthralled by ‘the machine that goes ‘PING!’ made more than a comic point.

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