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… and what are we hoping to achieve?

If results matter, so does strategy. We believe that organisations improve their productivity and performance through their people, and that strategy – or, at least, L&D strategy – is the means by which they do so. If learners are not to forget why they have acquired new learning, if organisations are not going to forego the benefits this learning could deliver, there is something that we need not to do: forget strategy.

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Book Review – Turning Learning into Action: A proven methodology for effective transfer of learning by Emma Weber

Turning Learning into Action by Emma Webber is a welcome addition to a canon that is surprisingly small given that it deals with a problem that each year wastes over $500 billion worldwide. Subtitled “A proven methodology for effective transfer of learning”, it is a book for L&D practitioners rather than academics, but its purpose is the promotion of the author’s proprietary solutions rather than the creation of a community of practice.

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Outside the Ivory Tower

Those of us involving in workplace learning and professional development should be more than aware that ‘our’ kind of education has left the Ivory Tower. The classroom is no longer some kind of ‘holy’ place where employees congregate – no pun intended – to have learning bestowed upon them. The future of organisational learning will be WISE - Workplace, Informal, Social and Experiential – even if it might take a while for the actual individuals to merit the adjective.

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Workplace Learning: don’t stand in your own way

As employees increasingly take their training ‘on the run’ as well as ‘on the job’, the percentage of training that takes place in the manager’s rather than the trainer’s arena will only increase, but how far are managers shouldering or responding to this increasing responsibility? Is the determining factor more one of willingness or of ability? Or, perhaps, of opportunity and encouragement? This is a vital debate, and one in which managers’ own voices have so far been little heard. To ask these questions so that we might all benefit from being aware of the answers, ASK (working with Institute of Leadership and Management) has launched the UK Workplace Learning Survey 2013-14.

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UK Learning Transfer Survey 2012 Results

Every two years, the UK Learning Transfer Survey seeks to look beyond the academic research on learning transfer to identify the actual practices of learning and development professionals and their organisations. The results of the 2012 UK survey – a full copy of which you can request from our website - provide compelling evidence that, although learning transfer has become established as a mainstream activity in most organisations, the dash to technology-enabled training observable in the organisational learnscape may threaten that progress as trainers seek to re-define their role for the digital era.

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