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I-Spy with my little browser …

Nearly 2011 already? Gosh, doesn’t time fly. We can’t stop it coming, but what on Earth will it mean for us when it gets here? Is there light at the end of the tunnel, or is it just a train heading our way? I don’t hold enormous faith in crystal balls under even frivolous circumstances, but I’m game for some stabs in the dark about issues that might vex, engage or amuse over the coming 12 months.

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Be careful what you wish for: the problem of blind faith

For an intelligent species, we’re not always terribly bright at reflecting accurately on what is shaping our lives. Considering its popularity as a childhood game, you’d think we’d be better at playing Consequences by now, wouldn’t you? We might long to hear crystal clear signals that clearly identify the current strands that will weave together to compose our future, but we might do better to worry less about controlling the signal to noise ratio and concern ourselves more with that ‘random noise’. Secret Doris Day fan that I am, I’m not saying ‘Que sera sera’ was a cop-out to fatalism, but it might not be too unwise to accept that the future might be shaped as much by the elephant in the room - and the things we’ve swept under the carpet the elephant is standing on - as by our own plans and intentions.

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Per astra ad aspera – scanning the skies with Dr Who

We’re currently working on a ‘Futurology’ column that may appear in the press later in the year, but the whole idea of ‘where is it all heading?’ does tend to generate some ‘walk on the wild side’ thinking. Even the non-psychic can rub their balls and gaze meaningfully into the heavens, but a certain giddiness tends to set in even with serious research to act as ballast. Taking a break from that and relaxing with a Dr Who DVD, however, set me off on an entirely different train of thought.

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