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Questions from the ASK Ideas Exchange, March 2013

At our recent Ideas Exchange event at The Gallery Soho, we invited those attending to write their questions on a giant blackboard as triggers for discussion. We’ve taken a few moments since then to offer suggested brief answers to three of these questions, and you’ll find our ‘starters for ten’ below – but we’d very much welcome the contributions, thoughts and suggestions of others: simply use the Leave a Reply box at the bottom of this posting to share your thoughts with us.

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If risk is the currency of progress, what’s the exchange rate?

Do we wrestle with the idea of reward in a broader sense – beyond remuneration or status – more than with the idea of risk? For many people, viewed through the traditional lens, the medium-term prospect is increased risk and static reward. Everyone needs a way forward, but that might – in our current circumstance – mean some mental adjustment. Which might include a model of risk and reward that’s a little broader, a little more flexible, a little more adjusted to the notion of variety. The idea of the EVP (Employee Value Proposition) looks beyond pay and bonuses to identify the other ‘rewards’ that matter and motivate, but I don’t see much activity that looks at whether the risk side of the equation could merit a bit of tweaking too.

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Temps and tempests: talent retention and your EVP

Good times may come and go, but work remains a relationship. As you continue to review and rebuild your Employee Value Proposition, remember to keep that gap between rhetoric and reality manageable: it may not be only the rhetoric you need to modify – if feedback is telling the experience is flagging, sagging or floundering, take positive steps rather than punitive ones to improve the reality too. As anyone in a long and successful relationship will tell you, relationships depend on work just as much as work depends on relationships.

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