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Can I have a raise please, Dad?

Unless performance improves, performance reviews are an obvious toupee on an equally obvious bald spot. Yet the process is often reduced to a comparison of the metrics of an individual with the metrics of an idealised competency. While the sudden recall of Little Britain might make us jump if our personal performance review was supplied as “Computer says ‘No’”, the effect isn’t so different. Our post-modern sense of entitlement would be affronted, of course: we’ve been here n years, worked late, read books on persuasion techniques and self-actualization, and so on (and on and on). The computer should surely be saying “Immediate Promotion”. But that outrage is, as Bywater points out, as infantilised as its trigger.

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Rearranging the top table: a role for HR?

Innovation is the introduction of a new idea, method etc., while creativity is the ability to produce through imaginative skills. Innovation may sometimes be brave, but in chronological terms innovation is the egg to creativity’s chicken. While the sceptics can offer their own ‘curate’ jokes at this point, let’s be clear: eggs don’t lay themselves. And in this particular metaphorical farmyard, you hire the chickens. (Whether you find “Q: Who came first? - A: The recruitment consultant” funny or not is your own affair, ok?)

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