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“What are they afraid of?” or “If Kirkpatrick must go, let’s at least give him a good send off!”: Guest post from Tony Martin

In defence of Kirkpatrick, he’s just a bloke trying to make sense of a complex problem by coming up with a neat model that people can get their heads around. On the occasions that I have the privilege to stand before a group of programme delegates, it is not uncommon to refer to some or other model for the purpose of illustrating a particular point. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against theoretical models. (Other than the fact that I didn’t come up with them first.) They are a useful basis for discussion, but they are never the complete answer.

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Us, them and the others: changing paradigms

Most of our current thinking comes from the USA. But where will it come from in the future? What new models and approaches will we need to develop to adapt to these changes? How far will many of our paradigms have to shift, and how clearly will we know where they’re heading? One thing’s for certain: the future’s not what it used to be.

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We’re all in this together: a new future for co-operatives?

In less than 24 hours, we may be getting an interesting lesson in leadership and the forging of working relationships. Alternatively, we might get a lesson in leading while visibly having only a minority of potential available support, or a masterful (well, it will be a man) display of tantrum throwing at the electorate’s lack of gratitude for their potential services. (Today’s Times has published a recipe for a coalition cocktail for those of you for whom this is all too much to contemplate: you may wish to stock up on Galliano on your way home.) Whatever the result, the electoral ground has shifted in this campaign as rarely before: the level of public discussion about electoral reform may have interesting implications for the governing style of any ‘winner’. But I also noticed another very interesting aspect of the campaign that may see interesting developments in organisational development and leadership almost regardless of the outcome.

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