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UK Learning Transfer Survey 2012 Results

Every two years, the UK Learning Transfer Survey seeks to look beyond the academic research on learning transfer to identify the actual practices of learning and development professionals and their organisations. The results of the 2012 UK survey – a full copy of which you can request from our website - provide compelling evidence that, although learning transfer has become established as a mainstream activity in most organisations, the dash to technology-enabled training observable in the organisational learnscape may threaten that progress as trainers seek to re-define their role for the digital era.

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“What are they afraid of?” or “If Kirkpatrick must go, let’s at least give him a good send off!”: Guest post from Tony Martin

In defence of Kirkpatrick, he’s just a bloke trying to make sense of a complex problem by coming up with a neat model that people can get their heads around. On the occasions that I have the privilege to stand before a group of programme delegates, it is not uncommon to refer to some or other model for the purpose of illustrating a particular point. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve nothing against theoretical models. (Other than the fact that I didn’t come up with them first.) They are a useful basis for discussion, but they are never the complete answer.

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