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How many middle managers can you fit in a Mini? Or, why it pays to have a flexible workforce

A symptom of world wide connectivity is that we are now subject to rapid economic, political or social change like never before. Word moves faster than ever, as does public response and, as a result, the response from the market. For all the focus on the logic of market mechanisms and forces, we should remember a lesser used cliché: market sentiment. For this reason, a company’s success can’t be measured purely in terms of its market dominance. If an organisation’s seniority is to remain sustainable, it needs to be counter balanced with the ability to adapt as needed. Inflexibility, stubbornness and a reticence to move with the times can be fatal. For this reason, we increasingly require our business leaders to be individuals that are highly adept at identifying changing trends and acting accordingly.

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Radio continues to kill the leadership development consultant? Episode two out now!

Following on from our review of the first episode of Radio 4’s Follow the Leader last week, I had the pleasure earlier today of tuning back in to enjoy the second. Whereas the last episode covered the rise ‘to the top’, this week’s focussed instead on the qualities needed to retain seniority, the pressures in doing so and the latent discrimination that influences our choices when appointing leaders.

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